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Sustainable and Innovative Farming

Smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa are still among the poorest on the planet. It’s difficult for them to boost their potential without modern agricultural technologies and innovations, adequate investment and a distribution structure remains big obstacles for accessing markets.


We promote Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Network to help promote a fairer, more transparent model of food production, where the risks and rewards are shared. Sustainable small scale agriculture lacks market access that allows them to sell their products profitably. 


We promote sustainability and train farmers the use of climate-smart agriculture methods including planting a drought seed and diversification of crops and smart soil management that determine the best crop for the year and calculate yield potential. Our community-driven local initiatives can help reduce the environmental impact of food production, distribution and consumption.

Supply Chain

We unite two ends of the food chain from growing to consuming and create an aggregate from the farm – to – table, enabling increased benefits for farmers, retailers, and consumers. The traditional Supply Chain is highly inefficient and has a high rate of food wastage. By setting up short supply chains, directly from farmers to consumers without any profit-seeking middleman, Our community supported initiative can pay a better price to farmers and provide fresh produce at cheaper rates.