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A visit from our Country Director – Promoting greater access to finance

Anthony Umezuzuike, Country Director of Go Farm Africa Initiative Community Supported Agriculture project in Sierra Leone, visited the Kamasondo port Lorko district in Lungi Sierra Leone to see our Community Supported Agriculture Initiative.

The Initiative is supporting 4 farmers with financial assistance to grow onions and peppers.

Anthony discusses and hears from them how the assistance given to them would improve their livelihood and help greater food security. On the 9th December 2020, the Country Director donated the sum of money worth millions at Kamasondo Villager port Lokor district in Lungi, the donation was targeted for the less privileged farmers whose source of living depends on farming. They share the hardship they are having as a result of Coronavirus. Most of the Lockdown and intercity lockdown affected them, even to feed their families is becoming very difficult. One of the beneficiaries narrated what they need to be able to farm and provide for their families. (power tiller, fertilizer, onions seed, rice). Transportation is also a serious problem facing most of the farmers, The country director assured the royal farmers in Kamasondo district of port lokor that our main focus is to provide for the less privileged farmers with financial support, training and materials for a sustainable farming system in the country.

One of the farmers who benefited with the financial support Mr. Molai S.Kamara  complained that Coronavious affected his crops due to lockdown .He thanks the Go Farm Africa initiative for the untimely support  which will go a long way to alleviate some of their problem. Go Farm Africa initiative Country Director thereafter assured them that we understand the roots of the farmers problems and we are ready to support them where we can. He therefore called on the other like minded international community to come on board and support them with tools (power tiller, watering can, Shovels,hoes, fertilizer, onions seed, rice seed) and financial help during this cultivation period.

However, they were full of praise for the Go Farm Africa initiative while thanking the Go Farm Africa initiative for such wonderful financial support.